Attica Editores

Philological Services

Scope: Philology

Date :
2022 - 2022

Services :
Book Mark
Digital Marketing

Country :
Costa Rica


Web Design
Google Adsl
Social Networks
Digital Marketing

The idea of ​​developing a business offering collaboration to university students, in their studies and development of projects such as thesis. Which has a unique meaning but without losing focus on philology, editing and proofreading services. A slogan that determines and denotes the services offered, additionally an easy-to-use website that can be managed by the owner of the enterprise, positioning on social networks, especially Facebook. It was also requested to create a Google file and guidelines in Google Ads to generate an audience and potential customers.

The result was as expected, we developed an image which its meaning is unique and comes from ancient Greece, which is complemented with a unique and unusual slogan "Verba volant, scrīpta mānent" which means " words fly, what is written remains", additionally , we developed the website easy to use and simple. The administration was granted to the entrepreneur, and basic training was provided of the administration of the site. Support was provided in the administration of social network Facebook, such as advertising campaigns on Google Ads, and positioning in the network.

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