Comprehensive Health Center

Scope: Health & Wellness

Date :
2023 - 2023

Services :
Book Mark
Digital Marketing

Country :
Costa Rica


Wb Design
Google Adsl
Social Networks
Digital Marketing

The idea of ​​developing a business offering a service with techniques that help you maintain a life in Harmony, Ekilifes´ main idea was for us to create the complete branding and to be developed to transmit through it all the meaning and focus of this company dedicated to human health and well-being.

The result was as expected, we developed an image which its meaning is unique using the symbols that our client described that he wanted to use to represent his branding, Additionally, it was possible to transmit the sensations to his clients through this new image and company that was created with the purpose of generating health and well-being. Our client was surprised that we could meet all of his expectations and is even more grateful for the attention and professional development by our team and achieved 100% satisfaction in the development of their project.

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