Sub-Surface Water

Costa Rica – Año 2019

Keywords: Branding – Naming  – Digital marketing  – Brand Book  – Printed Material  – Audiovisual

The Objective

The objective of the company is to highlight the services they provide and that are projected in the company logo, as well as the main mission that is focused on maintenance and consulting in sub-surface water as in aquifers in Costa Rica. The protection of these areas, and their care, the engineers specialized in this area want sub-surface water to be the protagonists in their new image, which will represent the company. Also digital material such as corporate letterhead was created and more.

The Result

The result was impressive, we carried out the development of the new visual identity of the consulting company in which the most basic aspects were used to represent the elements that the client wanted in his image, which were earth, nature and mainly sub-surface water as aquifer mantles. In the company logo you can observe the approach of several elements that together make one, this composition which the client was 100% satisfied with, as well as with the digital material for corporate use of the company.