National Clothing Brand

Costa Rica – Año 2020

Keywords: Branding – Naming  – Digital marketing  – Brand Book  – Printed Material  – Audiovisual

The Objective

The main objective of the new company that was created is to represent and give concept to the clothing brand that was made to convey the sensation of comfort and casualness but without losing the origin from where this new clothing brand was born. Focusing the sales nationally but also to foreign public that visit our country. They want the meaning of the image that this brand will represent to be unique, to provide an identity with a meaning beyond a simple image in view of the public and customers .

The Result

The result was something great and unique, we focused on carrying out a study of the area the owner of this new brand was born. The brand was originally created in Costa Rica in 2019 and also released for sales. Each time positioning itself in a unique way. The meaning is unique, with an emotion and feeling since it comes from the history of our country, mainly from the place of origin of the brand of clothing without losing the casual style, transmitting this message to the population and audience targeted, nationals as well as foreigners.