Yun Moo Kwan

Taekwondo Academy

Costa Rica – Año 2023

Keywords: Advertising  – Web design  – Digital marketing  – Social – Networks  – Printed Material  – Audiovisual

The Objective

The main objective of the Yun Moo Kwan Academy in Costa Rica was to increase visibility on the internet, mainly focused on the academy’s social networks, at the Ipis headquarters and Calle Blancos de Goicoechea, they wanted to project an image different from what the academy traditionally uses. With their networks as their website which was developed by another company, they wanted to change the style and make the information and way of communicating the message of promoting Taekwondo in Costa Rica and making it more accessible.

The Result

The result was impressive, we made a new design of the academys website as well as the social networks of Ipis and Calle Blancos headquarters, projecting a new format, which shows that the academy not only wants to obtain more clients. The academy also educates in various ways with messages of no to bullying as well as the language and customs of the country of South Korea where Taekwondo was originated and has had a greater acceptance by boys and young people interested in this great sport.