They are not projects. They are legends Let’s make your projects something amazing because the winner takes it all. We’re talking about exponential, non-linear growth. We are the idea machine; let’s talk business. Do what the 99% is not doing; good communication is like a race, what matters is the position. And where does your company stand?


The Objective 

The objective of the company is to convey the essence of what they do as a content marketing agency to entrepreneurs, as this is their target audience. They aim for it to be both appealing and attractive to entrepreneurs, and they aim to address it through graphic design, strategies, and consultation.


The Objective 

The main objective of the Yun Moo Kwan Academy in Costa Rica was to increase visibility on the internet, mainly focused on the academy’s social networks, at the Ipis headquarters and Calle Blancos de Goicoechea, they wanted to project an image different.

clothing brand

The Objective 

The main objective of the new company that was created is to represent and give concept to the clothing brand that was made to convey the sensation of comfort and casualness but without losing the origin from where this new clothing brand was born.

Sub-surface water

The Objective 

The objective of the company is to highlight the services they provide and that are projected in the company logo, as well as the main mission that is focused on maintenance and consulting in sub-surface water as in aquifers in Costa Rica.